Dental Anxiety

Our pediatric dentists are specially trained to ensure a secure and comfortable atmosphere for our pediatric patients. We understand that many children have some anxiety when visiting the dentist. All of our staff members have been educated on techniques to help calm and soothe our anxious patients. A commonly used method within our offices is called Tell-Show-Do where we explain the procedure, demonstrate this on the child's hand, and then perform the procedure on the child. By doing this, the child feels more comfortable and secure which eliminates the fear of what is to come.

Typically, in most cases of treatment, we allow the parent in the operatory room when the procedure is taking place. However, in some cases of treatment we do recommend the parent step out of the room during the procedure. Though we may make a recommendation, the final decision is ultimately up to the parent. Providing a comfortable and safe environment for all patients and families is our top priority, and we create individualized treatment plans depending on what is best for the child.

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